Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Self Inflating Double Mat



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The Exped MegaMat Duo 10 is in our opinion the ultimate in sleeping mats A full 10cm thick the MegaMat is as close as you can get to your mattress at home and a width of 132cm this Duo model is sure to be a popular model for couples Thanks to the 3D construction which means the sides of the mat stand upright you get a completely flat sleeping surface unlike other models which may taper off reducing the amount of sleeping space The top of the mat is covered with a stretch Tricot nylon with a honeycomb embossed design for extra grip This Tricot nylon is incredibly comfortable next to the skin to ensure a great night s sleep The inside of the sleeping mat is filled with 16 kg/m sup2 of foam which not only adds to the comfort of the mat but also provides warmth when the temperature starts to drop Exped have tested the sleeping mat to temperatures below -40 deg C so if you want an ultra-luxurious base camp mat then this could be for you hellip Most people will be throwing this mat in the tent whenever they head away camping The size of the mat means that it often takes up the entire of the sleeping area which makes this suitable for even the most demanding of glampers Ideal for camper vans too the MegaMat will make overnight stops far more comfortable Whilst the mat does self inflate to a degree we have always found it far quicker and easier to inflate it using the included Exped Mini Pump which attaches to the Flat valve Within 4 minutes or so the mat is inflated and the mini pump allows you to fine tune the firmness of the mat to your preference When the time does come to deflate and pack the mat away Exped have made some changes to make it as simple as possible The MegaMat Duo features a deflate valve which quickly expels most of the air Once it has been rolled up the remaining air should then have been removed Rather than having to struggle putting the mat into a small bag Exped have released their Smart Pack Sack which operates in a similar way to a roll top dry bag The bag open up fully on one side allowing you to easily store the mat – you can then roll the side of the bag back up clip the buckle together and off you go Were big fans of Exped sleeping mats here at Outdoorgear We have been using the single MegaMats for years and have not had a more comfortable night s sleep in the outdoors They are great to have at home too where friends or family can use them for overnight stays meaning you don t have to give up the sofa If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort support and warmth then the MegaMat Duo 10 the mat for you

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