Leki Black Series Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles



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UPDATED FOR 2018 Leki s Black Series range is their top end collection which features just a few of their most popular models but better as they are made out of totally 100 pure carbon to keep their weight to absolute minimum making them ideal for minimalists and for when pack weight is of paramount importance And in 2018 they have added a new ELD External Locking Device to make locking the poles into place much more user friendly And here at OutdoorGear we are pleased to be stocking the Leki Black Series Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles which are simply beautiful – if you can say that about walking poles Thanks to the Leki Micro Vario folding construction these poles are so lightweight and compact to make them nice and easy to transport Then when you are ready to use them simply unfold them and then click into place by extending the third section down Et voil agrave The height of the poles are adjustable by 20cm thanks to the Speed Lock 2 system which is really quick and easy to unclip the lock and adjust the height even with gloves on to suit your height and the terrain and then click it into place for one of the most reliable height adjustable mechanisms on the market The foam grip on this Micro Vario Carbon Poles is longer than your average pole grip and its ergonomic shaping has been designed to offer you an excellent level of comfortable support it has been coupled with the soft to feel security strap for all day comfort Not only are these performance walking poles well made incredibly lightweight and compact but the finish on them is really eye-catching too all-in-all making these the Rolls Royce of Trekking Poles in our opinion

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