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Weighing from as little as 115g and packing down to around 34cm in length these Mountain King Trail Blaze Walking Poles are incredibly lightweight and compact easy to stash in your pack and take with you making them ideal for trail running speed hiking and walking when you want to keep your pack weight to a minimum These poles have been designed to be simplistic to keep the weight to a minimum they are made from 4 sections of lightweight high performance aluminium which fit into place by pulling the cord that runs through the centre and fixing into a notch on the handle Even the grips have been designed to keep the weight down by using padded AirMesh for comfort and breathability The Trail Blaze Walking Poles have carbide wear tips removable rubber tips and trekking baskets included making them ideal for hiking on different terrains Size Guide As these poles are a fixed length they are not adjustable then getting the correct size for you is incredibly important Easy way – if you have some old poles that you like the length of measure them and buy the corresponding length Other way – First get into position stand upright arms by your side then lift your hand until your forearm is parallel with the floor elbow by your side Your arm should be at a 90degree angle You then need to measure the distance from your hand to the floor this is the length of pole you will need If you are between lengths I would buy the longer one Buyers note These poles are awesome A unique design made in the UK Ridiculously light and beautifully made these are the ultimate in light weight walking poles whether you are using them for ultra-endurance events or a stroll along the coast path Stick them in your backpack for when you need them you won t even notice they are there Outdoor Fitness mag Absurdly light the best option for the ultralightweight user

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